Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The "Pink" Fandango

Fandango Fans and new customers alike may ask themselves a question when they check out my site- The Light Fandango Candle Co -Why so much pink?

Good question! I blame my mom. Our home was always decorated with the most unique mix of vintage, girly, chic and shabby (back before "shabby-chic" became a hyphenated and over-pricey word.) She dressed with impeccable style, and had the most extensive and varied wardrobe of any non-celebrity I've ever come in contact with--not that I've come in contact with many celebrities haha. She had poise and grace but was in no way a "good girl."

So, back to our story...

Growing up with Mom's influence really dictated how I decorated my own home (only in the past few years have I gotten rid of my pink coffee table, and moved the hand-painted furniture from the living room to the spare room.) But when it came to creating candles, I've always leaned toward whimsy and girly.

I lost my mom to breast cancer in '05, and I soon decided that doing my own thing was the legacy she had left me, and began to forge a path for myself.

Fortunately, Mom got to enjoy my candles for a few years before she died at age 58. I started The Light Fandango back in '01 and worked steadily on it until I went back into radio full-time in '03. She loved when I'd visit and hauled along my kettles and equipment. I'd be in her kitchen, the one where she taught me to cook, showing her what I do (I think she also liked the fact that, when I make candles I pretty much have to stay in one place, so she basically had a captive audience.)

I've always wanted to make candles that had the feel of home to me--pink, hearts, whimsical pieces, and antiques. One of my favorite candles is the teacup. Mom and I visited quite a few tearooms, and I feel happy whenever I spot a funky or vintage cup that can be made into a candle.

It's a somber coincidence that The Light Fandango's signature color is pink, which is also the color of breast cancer awareness, the disease that took my mom.

The style maven, playing the part of "good girl" to my Pop's "hood"  xoxo Love ya, Mim